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Onawa Trestle

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Moosehead Trail & 100 mile Wilderness area is a beautiful area to hike. Either  hike the Appalachian Trail or just to take a walk to see scenic views.

Onawa Trestle was built in 1931 and spans approx. 1230 feet.

Onawa Trestle, is a great place to hike to. The Onawa Trestle is 1230 feet long and 130 feet above Ship Pond Stream.

Onawa Trestle is just up the road from Wildlife Lodge approx.2 miles and this is the only road that leads to the trestle.

 Onawa Trestle is the longest, highest railroad viaduct in Maine. The current carrier, Montreal-Maine-Atlantic Railroad, operates trains on a highly unpredictable schedule over this trestle so you always have to be aware of it and listen for the train.

Onawa Trestle with Borestone Mountain & Onawa lake

Onawa trestle looking down to Ship Pond Stream

Onawa Trestle

Onawa Lake & Ship Pond Stream from Onawa Trestle in the distance is Borestone Mountain & Barren Mountain

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Wildlife Lodge  is located on the  way to Onawa Lake, Onawa Trestle, the center of Maine marker and the Burke Memorial Chapel  ( Onawa Chapel ) in Elliottsville, Maine.

Elliottsville Twp  is just off the Moosehead Trail between Guilford and Moosehead Lake in Greenville ME. The three main roads  in Elliottsville is the Elliottsville Rd, Onawa Rd and Bodfish Valley Road which is the new name for formally Drew Valley Rd and Mountain Rd.

Wildlife Lodge is in Elliottsville Twp Maine and is located  along the 100 mile wilderness in the foothills of Borestone Mountain and just above Big Wilson Stream and the Appalachian Trail.

The Moosehead Trail, Moosehead Lake, 100 Mile Wilderness  and Elliottsville  area of Maine is a paradise for people who love nature and the outdoors. It is a haven for Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, ATV riding, GPS, Geocaching, Canoeing, Kayaking and the Appalachian Trail AMC or just come and relax and enjoy all the Wildlife. ( Moose and Deer )


Wildlife Lodge  is surrounded by many unique towns; Monson, Greenville, Willimantic, Abbot, Abbot Village, Shirley, Blanchard, Guilford and Dover-Foxcroft. Many host town celebrations, craft fairs, Moosehead fly-in and other activities through out the year.  Each town has many lakes, streams and waterfalls for your enjoyment, Moosehead Lake, Onawa Lake, Little Greenwood Pond, Big Greenwood Pond, Monson Pond, Lake Hebron, Sebec Lake, Grindstone Pond, Spectacle Pond, Little Wilson Falls, Tobey Falls, Earley Falls ( Salmon Hole ) Big Wilson Stream and the Piscataquis River.

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